Android Developer

If you'd like the chance to work on some absolutely amazing software that informs people, saves lives, and leads the industry in innovative, advanced meteorological predictive technologies, then consider a position as an Android Developer working on the MyRadar Weather and Information app.

ACME AtronOmatic, LLC, makers of the popular MyRadar mobile app, has an immediate opening for an experienced Android Developer. We were the first Weather Radar app available on the app store when the iPhone was first released in 2007. Since then, we have pioneered the way in effective mobile app user experiences, offering new and innovative ways for users to stay on top of the latest environmental events that affect our users and the world around them. We continue to keep pushing through barriers, beyond the constraints of the original weather app from our humble beginnings, and we're looking for some creative, talented engineers to help us keep reaching further.

This particular position is in our Old Town Portland, Oregon offices - a nice, spacious, industrial brick-and-hardwood-floor building. We're just across the street from a Max station, and one block from the Burnside Bridge. Our office space lends itself well to a cozy and comfortable work environment, and you'll be working closely with some of the best engineers and scientists in their fields. You won't be just another cog in the system, you'll be part of a small and focused team of developers with a passion for the project and a sincere interest in finding ways to take lots of data from different sources and combine it in ways that can best inform people and potentially save lives.

If you think this position might interest you, here are some of the key things we're looking for in a candidate:

Additional beneficial skills that would be greatly appreciated:

As part of our DNA, we continue to work with new technologies and innovations to help make MyRadar grow far beyond that of just a regular weather app; some of our projects include working with AAA computer games like Star Citizen, the largest crowd-funded game in history, where we worked to render their virtual worlds as maps within the MyRadar app. Another major move for us is in working with micro satellites (cubesats), our first of which will be launching on a rocket in Q2 of 2019, to help us add some services and functionality not yet available to the world. And most recently, we've just launched our hyper-local, hyper-accurate rain prediction system, internally known as Apollo. This feature, now being rolled out in our production app, uses a patent-pending, internally-developed algorithm to proactively notify users of impending rain or snow - with accuracies down to the minute - in advance of up to an hour... making the best use of technology to help improve daily lives and make the machines do more of the work for us. (Hopefully this ad doesn't offend our future electronic overlords)

If you think this position interests you, we'd love to have you help us achieve these things and more. Reach out to us! Send us your resume and salary requirements by replying to this ad! There is a $5,000 signon bonus if you are hired for this position. Remote positions will not be considered for this particular job.

If you feel like you are a good fit, please reach out to us at jobs@acmeaom.com